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Cochin, 9 settembre

I did the Final Profession September 9 2009 in our parish St.Sebastianĺs church,Shantinagar, in India. On this  occasion, his grace the most Rev. Dr. Daniel Acharuparambil, the  Archbishop of Verapoly celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

First of all I am saying thanks to God to gave me this special grace. The religious life is a grace and I should sing thanks to God.  I publically announced that  I am only and fully for Jesus   through my Perpetul vows and offer myself for Jesus. I will keep  only Jesus in my heart. Everyday I try to be faithful to God. Everything is only for God. This is a very  good event and a precious moment  in  my life. God you are the centre of my  life. Everyday I will walk with Jesus.

In my everyday prayer I am asking to God the fidelity of service in His  harvest. I am sure that God  will give me the grace to live faithfully in the Religious life.       Sr. Mary  Treasa Kalloor

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